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Khanewal an old sub division of Multan district was upgraded as district w.e.f 1st July 1985 comprising 4 sub divisions namely Khanewal, Kabirwala, Mian Channu and Jahanian. The present city of Khanewal was not more than a village before the year 1911 but in the year 1919 it was given the status of an area committee which was upgraded as Unit Khanewal in the year 1933. In the year 1904 a railway colony was setup here and Multan Faisalabad railway line was started. Resultantly it became an important railway junction which played an important role in development of this town. The ethnographic composition of Khanewal district is determined by the fact that it has attracted a large number of immigrants from surrounding rural areas and from the far off towns on account of the development which took place in response to the construction of Khanewal Lodhran cords line and establishment of railway junction at this place. Ethnologically, the population of Khanewal district is derived from Semitic or from Indo-Aryan races. This infusion of blood is due to successive encroachment on Multan and influence of refugees after partition.


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People of Khanewal City having access to Clean Drinking Water for all day along with the provision of other basic facilities at their doorstep....

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"Prime Minister Imran Khan on October 13, 2020 approved proposed measures aimed at controlling rising prices of basic commodities’ in the country.
The Chief Secretary, GoP issued orders to field officers to commission ‘Sahulat Bazaars’ at the tehsil level to maintain prices. The chief secretary also directed to improve the number of Sahulat bazars in the major cities of the province.
MC has make arrangements for Sahulut Bazaar for the said purpose."

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