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Guideline for Installation of Water Connection

Guideline for Installation of Water Connection

It is necessary that the water supply pipeline should pass near the house of the applicant.

The procedure for getting a new water connection

  • 1- Application form to be obtained from TO (I&S) office
  • 2- Water Supply Incharge reports – field condition
  • 3- Sub-Engineer verification
  • 4- Allowed by a competent authority in Municipal Committee
  • 5- Fee charges deposited

Documents Required for application

  • 1- Ownership papers of the property
  • 2- Copy of NIC

Types of Connections

The following types of connections are sanctioned:
  1. 1- Domestic (Metered)
  2. 2- Commercial (Metered)
  3. 3- Industrial (Metered)
  4. 4- Charitable
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