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It gives great pleasure to welcome you in MC Khanewal official website. This Online resource embodies the information not only about policies, objectives, functions, human resources, financial resources, projects and the services delivered by the Municiple Committee Khanewal but also general introduction about brief District history, geography, people, fauna & flora etc. It opens up a window for the citizens through which they can have access to certain information. The website enables us to enhance our internal efficiency and effectiveness as well as public service delivery and improves the ability to monitor the performance of the government functionaries. It allows having information to make faster decisions and effective planning. It further provides an opportunity to download the required information without any inconvenience of visiting government offices saving valuable time and money.

Our Mission

A Municipal Committee shall each be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal, with power to acquire and hold property and enter into any contract and may sue and be sued in its name.

Our Vision

Exercise control over land-use, land-subdivision, land development and zoning by public and private sectors for any purpose, including for agriculture, industry, commerce markets, shopping and other employment center.

Our Goals

Assist in the provision of relief in the event of any fire, flood, hailstorm, earthquake, epidemic or other natural calamity and assist relevant authorities in relief activities.

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Azubah Azim

About The City

Khanewal (خانیوال) is a city and the capital of Khanewal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the 36th largest city of Pakistan by population. Khanewal is named after the earliest settlers here who belonged to the caste ‘Daha’ (A Sub-Caste of Panwar Rajput) and used ‘Khan’ in their names. That is how the city came to be known as ‘khan-e-wal’.

The district contains four tehsils which are as following:

Khanewal, Mian Channu, Kabirwala, Jahanian

Khanewal area was populated by Zayadat Khan, the forefather of the Daha family. It is said that he was originally from Dharwar but then migrated to Bahawalpur. After trying his luck in Bahawalpur, he moved to Pak Pattan. Then in the 1820s, he moved to this region after getting employment under Dewan Sawan Mall. As an employee, he was made responsible for collection and payments from Talamba, Kamalia and Laden. He got famous in the region as Khan and thus this area was named Khanewala. This theory is also supported by an old book named Raesa e Punjab Page. As per that document, the first person to populate this region was Sangar Khan.

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Water Supply

Average Hours of Water Supplied to Households During a Month are 4.4 Hours

Solid Waste Management

Est. Solid Waste generation = 107.2 TPD
Avg. Solid Waste disposal = 80.0 TPD
Disposal efficiency = 74.6%.


Fully served area = 40%
Un served area = 56%
Flooded area = 04%


Total Number of Roads = 5
Total Length of Roads = 8.89 (KM)


Total Number of Street Light = 2062
Working Street Light = 1117
Not Working Street Light = 945


Total Number of Parks in the city = 4
Major facilities available in Parks Swings, Walking track,Lights, ,Filteration Plant


Provision of Machinery & Equipment for Improvement of Solid Waste Management in Khanewal City

This project provides a complete system for waste separation, collection, transport, treatment, recycling, and disposal of waste, while closing and rehabilitating a number of landfills in the area. In addition, the investment includes the delivery of a public awareness campaign designed to encourage people to separate their rubbish and recycle more.


Development Projects

Government & stratergy

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Summary of ADP Projects

Summary of ADP Projects

Summary of ADP Projects of Municipal Committee Bahawalnagar

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PCP Projects of Municipal Committee Bahawalnagar

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Priority List PCP Year

Priority List PCP Year

Priority List PCP Year (2021-2022) Sub Projects

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